Rocktape is a brand of Kinesiology tape that we use at Kinematics Physical Therapy to help treat patients
with a variety of issues. This particular tape is more adhesive and durable than other brands of
kinesiology tape such as KT Tape. It works in a variety of ways; One of the ways is that it decompresses
skin tissue and fascial layers – the many layers of connective tissue that make up the human body. This
allows the layers to move freely past each other, improving mobility. Lifting the layers of tissue can help
increase blood flow which promotes the healing of damaged tissue, and allows swelling to reduce.

Rocktape can also play a role in pain management. The tape provides constant sensory feedback to the
brain. Essentially, Rocktape interferes with the pain signals – if the brain feels the tape, it has decreased
the ability to feel the pain of the affected area. We also use Rocktape in combination with Rocksauce Fire (a
counterirritant) which can be used as a custom pain patch. The elastic properties of Rocktape allow
movement of the taped area. This provides non-restrictive neuromuscular as well as physical support.
The tape allows for more even distribution of forces to help off-load injured tissue – making it great for
injuries such as tendonitis.

We are a Rocktape certified clinic so feel free to ask any of our professional staff about a trial treatment
on your next treatment!