When Healthcare Fails

I have seen an increasing number of patients where they have been left out to dry by the people who they have entrusted most… their healthcare and medical staff. We as practitioners go to the front lines everyday to see what is now masses of patients who expect pristine customer service, timely waits, and an accurate diagnosis to get optimal treatment.. and why shouldn’t you?
I am writing this blog on behalf of the medical community approaching the topic from a consumer’s vantage point. Due to the state of the economic and political climate the medical model in Southern California has been shaken. Shaken so hard that businesses are leaving the state, physician’s moving to new positions and the healthcare system is booming with prime rates and massive deductibles with a disproportionate return to the consumer itself; not to mention the tax penalties coming this year for failure to comply with Obama care. This is the stage that must be set when approaching this topic as it sets the ground work from which progress must be made.
So we are now left with an increase in patient load, with decreasing reimbursements for our services. Medical practitioners have been reduced down from a place of stature down to do indentured work at a premier level. I hope you understand why this does not match up! Hence the reason for this rendition.

So to the topic at hand…what does everybody do when our healthcare system is essentially failing all of us? Take a step back to observe, then step back in with gracious insight. As a medical practitioner I try my absolute best to get my patient’s back on time with a smile, see how your day is going, get a laugh out of you and then work hard for you. This process is independent of time parameters, but at least my next patient knows that they will get the same service. After reassessing you and creating today’s treatment approach, I have to keep up with my documentation. We try to do this on the fly but for fear of the state or patient litigation we must be accurate. When we have completed the previous steps a warm farewell is always attempted but sometimes while holding the operative leg of another patient.
Why include all of this you ask? Well because as a consumer I make sure to also assess the situation and implore you to do the same. As a patient I expect to be treated fairly, accurately while also submitting myself to ample time restraints. I always make sure to come with a list of symptoms, questions that I might have, and make sure there is an appropriate plan for treatment and prognosis. The better aligned we are as patients the better healthcare you will receive. So essentially the point of this article is to empower you, the consumer, with responsibility and us as the provider with the same.
Your biggest failure in healthcare is when you take yourself out of it!