Faith Based Professionalism

au·da·cious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

For those who know me, I am seldom subtle with my intentions or actions, thus marking me through life as a little bit of a “wreck-loose.” My superman syndrome has persisted even to this day, but I took little thought or reason for why “I am”… until I read a book written by Steven Furtick’s “Sun Stand Still.” In his book, he takes careful (strike that) bold definition in how to live with audacious faith. A faith in God that is only limited by your own perception of God’s power because if you serve a mighty God, no task is too small for our creator and it is even offensive to pray small prayers. So the book that I have been reading through with our high school ministry staff has inspired me, to well, inspire you!
I have no better place to start than with the current establishment of my clinic. My first meeting to open the clinic was with my friend Richard Pelfrey, who opened the meeting by asking: “So weren’t you going to open your own business?” It took me by surprise, but I said yeah. My next response surprised even him because he asked when I wanted to start and I said “NOW, right now!” Over the course of that next year, I persisted to open up my own clinic. I use the phrase persisted as anyone who has started their own business knows it is not as easy as The Land of Opportunity implies. I had to jump through so many financial hoops, explain every blemish in my financial past, take multiple trips downtown to the records department, and was told “NO” more in one year than any other time in my life. I found that the more that I stressed out and forced my way upstream, the less answers I had; interestingly enough, through only prayer and petition was I provided doorways and able to succeed. I say this with no grain of salt as I ran in to MANY dead ends where I was literally brought to my knees and by the grace of God I would 100% of the time get a phone call with an alternative.
I give you my professional testimony, first, to not hopefully bore you with my pity party, but to at least outline what I needed to go through to get me and my practice to where God needed me to be before opening it. I realized that he had grown my faith so much in this process because little did I know that my audacity and faith would be on a collision course so that I could have a solid ministry. At my clinic, money and business will always take a backseat to servitude and giving. We are a tithing clinic that provides back to ministries in Africa, Mexico, our local community, and to our local church. Not only will we never be callused by our patients, but we welcome them with open arms. Ready for this, I pray for my patients when they need it!
I wanted to write this blog because I have spoken to a lot of professionals who seem to have a personal division between work and God. I’m here to say guess who got you there, and guess who will take you to your heights if you simply confide in Him. This world cannot, and will not hold you back from what God has in store for you and I pray that all the facets of your life demonstrate that, ESPECIALLY your professional life. I encourage you, whether you are working for the man or are at the top of the ladder, to embrace your position in life and let it glorify God. No title in life is worth pursuing more than the ministry that you establish…It is in fact your legacy and God’s will. So with that said, it is time to do! No idea or information is worth while without carefully directed application. Choose to live your life day-to-day to the fullest without regret and with your head held high knowing your exact place in this world. If you have read this far, you get my golden ticket: Do not be afraid of your potential, do not let “no” be your stopping point but your starting, and never drown out God’s voice while talking yourself out of your next adventure that He may have for you. Stay thirsty my friends!